SPAAS - Rich Winterfruits
SPAAS - Rich Winterfruits
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SPAAS - Rich Winterfruits

1.200 kr
1.200 kr
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Spaas Jar candle - Rich Winterfruits

Product Information
This Spaas jar candle has a Rich Winterfruits fragrance with a burn time of up to 65 hours.
Technical Specifications
Type Jar candle
Fragrance Rich Winterfruits
Colour description Purple
Lifespan 65 hours
Material Glass & wax
Height (mm) 118 mm
Diameter (mm) 100 mm
Pack quantity 1
Product code 547014514
Product Description
This great new range of scented candles comes in four different scent, the selection is vast and the prices are great. Choose your favourite scent from golden vanilla, mulberry, rich winterfruits or a warming spiced wine, there is something for everyone.
All of the range is manufactured by a premium European Candle manufacturer spas established in 1853, manufacturing quality and consistency you can rely on. Spaas Pride themselves in always producing quality Candle, with a bright steady flame, Minimal residue and guaranteed minimum burn times. Not only do these scented candles give an excellent scent whilst burning they will also scent your room when they are unlit too! what more do you want from a Candle? go on treat yourself to one of these candles in an attractive glass jar. Or make it a gift for someone else and combine it with another item with the same scent.